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                       Hello Fellow RV Enthusiasts!
  I would like to introduce myself and ask for a few minutes of your time. My name is  Scott we have a mobile RV rain leak detection business called "RV LEAK FINDERS - NO BUBBLES NO TROUBLES!  We have been in a sales and customer service business since 1976. We are professionals and will always conduct ourselves in a professional manner. We have always been involved in RVing… from tents, to pop ups, to trailers, to finally a motor coach.  One constant problem we have had through all of those years is water intrusion!  That’s THE main reason we left tents behind in the 70s! We know first hand how hard it is to find some of these water leaks and how damaging and expensive it is if you don’t notice it, or catch it in time. The traditional method of finding water leaks was, and is, to spray down the exterior of the RV with a high pressure hose while someone is inside the RV looking for the water to come through from the outside. With little or no success. Many times it can run behind the walls and cause de-lamination behind cabinets and fixtures down and out to unexpected areas and cause rot and mold issues. By the time you know you have a problem it could have already caused thousands of dollars in damages… not to mention a loss of value to your RV. (Believe me, we’ve been there!) That is why we started "RV LEAK FINDERS - NO BUBBLES NO TROUBLES".  We believe that that method of leak detection to be outdated and flawed.  We believe strongly in the SEALTECH 430-R rain water leak detection system.  It’s the most reliable and effective method of locating the leaking area. The SEALTECH method incorporates pressurizing the interior of the RV to a specific PSI, then using a sprayer, spray down the exterior of the RV with a bubble solution while looking for air bubbles. Yep, the same way you check a tire for leaks! You find the bubbles and you’ve found the leak! We believe in this so strongly that we purchased the SEALTECH 430-R leak detection system, (not an easy thing to do without being a RV dealership), took their training course, and are hitting the road in our motor coach!  We are offering this service as we travel throughout the country enjoying our RV lifestyle. Many RVers would benefit from having this test preformed on site. From our experience so far about 8 out of 10 RVs tested have some kind of leak somewhere. Whether it’s a running light, roof vent, a lap seam, a window, or just about anywhere the manufacturer cut out an opening in the RV or one of the many screws put in the RV…. 8 out of 10 have a problem. The best part of our service is this… being on site you won’t have to pack up your RV, drop it off at a service center however far away it is, waste half a day waiting for them to get the test done, pick it back up, bring it back and set up all over again!  At this time our main objective is to locate any leaks so the owners if they wish can choose to make any repairs.  We will also have on hand some of the caulks and sealants that would be necessary to repair most types of leaks.  We have the capability to have the leaks photographed by us so they can take it to a repair facility to be fixed. Maybe some will even be under warranty. 
     The SEALTECH 430-R uses less electricity than a 600 watt hair dryer and we use about a gallon or so of bubble solution.  It takes about an hour or so to set up and test the unit.  To other campers it would be no more intrusive than if we were to clean the windows on your RV. 
     Don't forget... any time, any place works for us... just call and we'll check your RV for you!  We might be somewhere else tomorrow, so call and catch us before we're gone!
                  Scott A, De Ladurantaye   
    If you want to learn more about the Sealtech method   just click here or Google it on your computer and you will     have hours of positive feedback about the system.

We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry!
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